Minarkos The Minarkos hail from the Plains of Seraph. They resemble Minotaurs in the sense that they are a hybrid of man and bull., they differ however in the sense that they are taller, stockier, have very strong limbs. In melee combat a Minarkos is bested by none. They thrive as Warriors Fighters and Barbarians. They are nomadic in nature and incredibly skeptical towards magic. The only “magic” users they associate with are the village Shamans and Spirit Talkers. Level-headed with a bit of a short temper comes from their skeptical attitude. They believe solely in honor and no honor comes best than to die in combat. A new leader in Minarkos society comes with the death of the predecessor either through a challenge or natural causes. They travel the land in a close-knit community that follows closely the animals they hunt.

Minarkos have these traits: (Large Humanoid) (Base Land Speed 30ft)

Common Names: Male: Crete, Apthros, Hiksos, Adrastos, Aetos, Female: Achlys, Calendrae, Cyrena, Demetria

(+4 STR , +2 CON, -4 CHA) +10 racial bonus to Intimidate, +5 to Jump, Scent, Provoke, Intuition, -2 to Diplomacy, Handle Animal Languages: Minour, Goblinoid, Orcish, Common Special Traits: Head-butt (melee attk , standard action, 3d6 dmg, stuns 1d4 rounds), Thick fur (+3 natural Armor), Low-Light Vision, Improved Unarmed Strike (brings melee attack up to 1d8 damage) Level Adjustment +4


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